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Unlimited Thoughts of a Unique Mind K. Rena

Unlimited Thoughts of a Unique Mind

K. Rena

Published December 31st 2007
ISBN : 9781604414127
114 pages
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 About the Book 

This is romance, family, friends, secret thoughts, and life from one personas perspective. It may give some insight to what every person thinks in his life at one point in time. It is not a golden rule or pushing what people should think about life. Just simply a bunch of random thoughts. Feelings control a personas life whether he wants them to or not. There is nothing wrong with having feelings, but take them and embrace them to become a more complete you. Let this take you on a journey into one poetas heart. Feel every emotion that is portrayed. Then just relax, enjoy what life has to offer. Find peace within ourselves and there is nothing that canat be accomplished. Take chances and experience this thing called life. The journey can be remarkable.