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Mumbai Mazai A. Piccarreta

Mumbai Mazai

A. Piccarreta

Kindle Edition
52 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A middle-class young Muslim in Bombay starts experiencing communication with an unknown entity. Is he going crazy? Meanwhile a local woman starts a killing spree.Massou works the night shift at a radio station in contemporary Bombay. One night he starts feeling like someone is watching him at all times. He starts communicating with his observers, an unknown entity. His everyday life becomes a quest to find out who is observing him, what they want from him and how they can assist him in life. All the while he keeps the communication secret fearing he might have gone insane or that others may start thinking he has.At the same time a young woman inte the same area starts a revenge killing spree following a specified hitlist. Since a co-worker of Massou is on the hitlist, Massous and the young womans lives connect.Inspired by true events.